This page will help you get started with common API calls.

Creating a new Facebook data source

Create a new Facebook data source using the POST /datasources method.

Note: In this instance, you need to find the oauth_user_token from your Facebook account.

curl -X POST -d "{'name':'<datasource name>', 
'description':'<datasource description>', 'connector':'facebook', 'format':'json',
'https:\/\/\/me', 'oauth_user_token':'<XXX>',
" --header "kf-api-key:<apikey>"  -H Content-Type:application/json

Uploading a file to an existing datasource

PUT data to upload a file to an existing datasource using --upload-file. This example is using JSON.

curl -X PUT --upload-file  revenue_date.json --header "kf-api-key:01234df230c488e9c5c18862a8967df5ab367c6e" -H Content-Type:application/json

Creating a data source using the REST/URL connector

Create a data source using our REST/URL connector that connects to any service, even if it is not listed as one of our Service Connectors.

curl -X POST -d 
    "name": "TESTPostman POST Klipfolio API",
    "description": "Post man test",
    "connector": "simple_rest",
    "format": "json",
    "refresh_interval": 14400,
    "properties": {
    "endpoint_url": "",
    "method": "get",
    "parameters": "[{\"name\":\"x-api-      key\",\"value\":\"1aBCDefgHi2JkLmnOpqrs3TuvwX4yZAB5CdE67fg\",\"type\":\"header\"]",