The permissions below are used when updating roles (see PUT for the /roles resource above).

PermissionPermitted Action
client.buildCreate clients
client.accessAccess client accounts
client.editEdit clients
client.shareShare clients
client.deleteDelete clients
client.loginLogin with client credentials
dashboard.tabAdd, remove and rearrange tabs
dashboard.klipAdd, remove and rearrange Klips
dashboard.themeSwitch to a new theme
dashboard.fullscreenEnter full-screen mode
dashboard.annotation.viewSee annotations
dashboard.annotation.editAdd and edit annotations
dashboard.libraryAccess library
dashboard.linksSee Getting Started links
datasource.createCreate data sources
datasource.shareShare data sources
datasource.downloadDownload data sources
datasource.importImport data sources (only available for partners)
datasource.editEdit data sources
datasource.deleteDelete data sources
klip.buildBuild Klips
klip.shareShare Klips
klip.emailEmail Klips
klip.embedEmbed Klips
klip.downloadDownload Klips
klip.importImport Klips (only available for partners)
klip.editEdit Klips
klip.deleteDelete Klips
tab.buildBuild tabs
tab.shareShare tabs
tab.emailEmail tabs
tab.downloadDownload tabs
tab.importImport tabs (only available for partners)
tab.editEdit tabs
tab.deleteDelete tabs
tab.pushManage tab visibility
user.manageManage all users, groups, and roles